Sharps Removal & Disposal

Used syringes and needles are a threat which, in our cities, can be just around the corner.

This is precisely why used, discarded needles can pose such a health risk.

In our experience needles can be found anywhere, in houses, under furniture, in under growth and litter or behind bins – all the places that someone unsuspecting may put their hand.

This is why using Wirral Carpet Cleaning LTD’s disposal service for correct sharps removal & disposal is so important, once we have removed any sharps the area will be treated with a medical grade disinfectant which will completely eliminate any bacteria and viruses.

The contaminated area will be isolated and sealed (if internal), and the bio-hazard team will remove all drug paraphernalia and needles.

These will be put into a yellow sharps box which is then sealed and transported for incineration. All cleaning materials generated will be treated as clinical waste, and as such will be sent by us for incineration at one of our suppliers plants.

As licensed waste carriers Wirral Carpet Cleaning LTD are trained to handle and dispose of all sharps (classified as clinical waste) and, perhaps most importantly, provide you with certification we have made the area safe.

We will provide you with and waste transfer paperwork for your file as required by the regulations outlined in the 1990 Environment Act

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