Rug Cleaning

To allow us to provide the deepest clean possible, we will take your rugs to a purpose built facility to complete our 10 stage rug cleaning process.

From collecting your rugs we aim to have them delivered back to you usually within 10 days.

Our 10 stage rug cleaning process:

Rugs are excellent filters and are great at storing all those dirt and dust particles that vacuuming alone cannot remove.

Our 10 stage thorough rug cleaning process ensures the successful removal of all those soils that build up deep down in the pile.

Here are the thorough steps we take when cleaning and caring for your rug.

Stage 1 – Check In, ID and Inspection

We thoroughly inspect your rug. Firstly to identify your rug, knowing the construction and origin of a rug means we are able to decide on the best cleaning method and process.

Stage 2 – Vacuum

Using an industrial vacuum, we vacuum your rug, This will remove the initial dry soils sitting close to the surface of the rug, it is then turned over to vacuum the back of the rug, The rug is now ready for the ‘dusting’ process.

Stage 3 – Air Dusting – Dry Soil Removal

Some thick pile rugs will require air dusting, This is where we jet powerful streams of air into the back of the rug, removing any remaining dry soils.

Stage 4 – Pre-treatments

If your rug has an odour problem or a pet stain. We have the perfect solution with our Pet pre-treatments. We also have a great way to rinse these contaminates out of your rug thoroughly. With our Centrifuge spinning machine, it can flush water through your rug at the same time as rinsing so we can thoroughly remove any nasty odours after a pre-treatment.

Stage 5 – Rug Washing

Most rugs will be suitable for our submersion cleaning method, this is where the rug will be placed in the rug washing pit filled with about an inch of water and the rug cleaning solution is worked into the rug, agitated mechanically or by hand depending on the rug and repeated on the reverse side for a truly thorough clean.

Stage 6 – Stain Treatments

We have a variety of specialist products to treat most stains. On occasion, there might be a stain that is permanent, even with all our expert knowledge and specialist products we won’t be able to remove a permanent stain, usually this is apparent at the inspection stage.

Stage 7 – Rinsing

We are now ready to rinse your rug, All the soapy water, soils and debris are washed away, followed by a thorough rinse with cold water while using a heavy roller to roll and squeegee the water out of your rug.

Stage 8 – Spin Dry – Centrifuge

We use a machine called a centrifuge which spins all the moisture out of the rug, this is very similar to your spin cycle on your washing machine. This leaves the rug in a slightly damp condition meaning any remaining moisture can be removed super quick in the drying room.

Stage 9 – Drying Room

We have a specially built drying room that has industrial air movers and dehumidifiers and that can speed dry your rugs in a matter of hours.

Stage 10- Finishing Touches and Final Inspection

The final step of this thorough rug cleaning process is to vacuum the rug one last time before it is packed in a special bag ready for delivery back to your home

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